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If you like to dream big,

We want to help you grow. And we love long-term visions and goals. 

But what are the first steps you should actually be taking right now? What can you do? 

We pride ourselves to be a down-to-earth agency, that understands the different needs of each distinct reality, without flying low. Thanks to our experience and passion, you can expect high quality services and results.


Let's set you up to a present and future success. 

You probably noticed it already: we talk a lot about "brand". Why? 

Because we believe that working on your brand is the key to a successful business.

Working on your brand offers a long term prospective that can and should be applied to all parts of your business: any interaction people have with you will shape their opinion about you. 

All your marketing efforts, therefore, should be coherent with each other and work together for the same goal. 

Consistency and clarity will allow you to create a strong brand. And we're here to help. 

We believe in

marketing ally

Marketing can be overwhelming. There is a lot to think about and do. 

We are your best ally: let us stress about the details and the organization, while you can continue your job. 


From your branding strategies to the implementations of online and offline campaigns, you can work with us like if we were a team member, with the results of an agency.


If you are already working with other agencies, or we need to outsource, we can align with them, so you can save time and handle only one stakeholder: us. 

Chiara D'Ubaldi_logo_marketing.png

Hi, I'm

I'm a brand and marketing strategist, as well as the founder here at D'Ubaldi Marketing.

I'm Italian, but I lived and worked also in Germany and in the UK, where I started my marketing career. Learning and gaining more experience in this field, there was one thing I became sure and very passionate about: your brand is the most valuable asset in your marketing strategy (and sometimes in your whole business!).

Being myself an entrepreneur with a long term vision (something some call "just dreaming" sometimes), I knew I wanted to help others like me achieving their goals. 

In November 2020 D'Ubaldi Marketing became reality. 

A year later this is not a one-woman show anymore and we're helping entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, small companies, big companies and all there is in between, achieve their goals allowing them to spread their message, mission and values.



Anita Goldenberg, 

Founder at Purpose Digital,

(previously: Offline Marketing Manager at Flixbus) 

Schermata 2020-09-28 alle 15.17.39.png

"She brightens up every environment she’s in with her ambition, motivated attitude, positive outlook and is honestly a pleasure to work with."

"Let me start off by saying that I cannot say enough positive things about working with Chiara.

Her approach to marketing is truly that of a professional who is able to understand a brand’s details in their entirety and utilize them in a way that is both creative and effective in communicating the appropriate message. Having worked alongside her on a multitude of marketing campaigns, I can confidently say that her ideas were oftentimes the key components which ultimately progressed the project forward and solidified the success of the campaign.


Chiara has a unique talent of combining her creative abilities with an analytical approach which enables her to add significant value by curating marketing material which is both designed to directly appeal to the target audience while being innovative enough to drive the brand forward.


Aside from her marketing talents, Chiara is extremely organized and manages her time with ease no matter the number of overlapping projects and deadlines. She brightens up every environment she’s in with her ambition, motivated attitude, positive outlook and is honestly a pleasure to work with."

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